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Communication is very important at Acacia.  Please feel free to email your child's teacher at any time.  If you call the classroom during the day, you will need to leave a message as the teachers are busy instructing during the day.  Your phone call will be returned within 24 hours.
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Alysia Simpson 1st Grade  
Anna Hoang 1st Grade Ms. Hoang's Website 
Bethany Dean 1st Grade Ms. Dean's Website 
Hannah Marcum 1st Grade Ms. Marcum's Website 
Diana Nesimi 2nd grade  
Brittany McLendon 2nd Grade Ms. McLendon's Website 
Claire Lopez-Schrey 2nd Grade  
Courtney Boehmler 2nd Grade  
Fritzi Barrera 3rd Grade Ms. Barrera's Webpage 
Kimberly Haus 3rd Grade Ms. Haus' Website 
Sidney Guarine 3rd Grade Ms. Guarine's Website 
Tesia Swaydan 3rd Grade  
Valerie Clark 3rd Grade  
Amy Lauzon 4th Grade  
Hannah Lasley 4th Grade  
Madelaine Sporbert 4th Grade  
Marc Ciliberti 4th Grade Mr. Ciliberti's Website 
Tori Johnson 4th Grade Ms. Johnson's Website 
Michelle Black 5th grade  
Christine Frost 5th Grade Ms. Frost's Website 
Erika Scott 5th Grade Ms. Scott's Website 
Priscilla Andrade 5th Grade  
Zachary Hamrick 6th grade  
Cheryl Gedney 6th Grade Ms. Gedney's Website 
Stacie Bauer 6th Grade Ms. Bauer's Website 
Stephanie Meyer 6th Grade  
Kelly Scott Art Ms. Scott's Website 
Jennifer Dial Assistant Principal  
Dr. Larry Prcik Band/Strings  
Tony Ferrara Facility Manager  
Susan Shields Health Tech  
Emily White Kindergarten Ms. White's Website 
Lynne Whitener Kindergarten  
Micheala Gordon Kindergarten  
Taylor Trueblood Kindergarten  
Tina Brown Kindergarten Ms. Brown's Website 
Jennifer Lauzon LD Resource Ms. Lauzon's Website 
Kevin Seager LD Resource Mr. Seager's Website 
Theresa Deacon LD Resource  
Dominique Jennings Library Tech  
Jessica Lester Math Intervention Ms. Lester's Website 
Alyssa Weed Music Ms. Weed's Website 
Kira Alexander Office Manager  
Vincent Marin Physical Education  
Christine Hollingsworth Principal  
Joanne Fitch Program Coach Ms. Fitch's Website 
Jordan Blair Project Potential/ Advanced Math Mr. Blair's Website 
Shelby Shields Social Worker  
Shelly Franks Speech Ms. Franks' Website 
Josianne Solorio Title I Academic Intervention Ms. Solorio's Website 
Lauri Elrod Title I Academic Intervention Ms. Elrod's Website 
Showing 52 items