"The Acacia Way"

"The Acacia Way" is Acacia's PBIS initiative.

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a listed resource on the Arizona Department of Education’s website under School Safety and Prevention. Along with Acacia, many schools within the Washington Elementary School District use PBIS to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence. It is a school-wide strategy for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals because we know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning.  We will work to accomplish this goal by continuing to model behavioral expectations throughout all school locations. Students will continue to be encouraged through rewards and incentives when they demonstrate these expected behaviors on a consistent basis.


As a part of the PBIS program, we have established three clear expectations for the behavior we desire in all areas of our school:  Respect other’s personal space, Use my words, and Respect all aspects of the Acacia Community including myself.

These three core expectations are the foundations of “The Acacia Way”.  These expectations can be seen in every classroom and non-classroom setting (Library, Computer Lab, Cafeteria, etc.) around campus. Since the first day of school, students have been learning about these expectations through classroom lessons, modeling, and practice.  Students will continue to be rewarded frequently with various positive rewards and incentives for their excellent modeling of “The Acacia Way”.  


At Acacia, we are dedicated to maintaining a positive and safe learning environment where respect is present everywhere.  We believe that by helping students practice and recognize positive behaviors, we will continue to foster a school community where all students participate in an environment that allows them to succeed and grow. We encourage you to review the “The Acacia Way” expectations with your child. Thank you for your continued dedication and support to help make this happen.


Jennifer Dial,
Aug 19, 2016, 2:26 PM